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  • Earth Jam 2019

    Bluebird Farm Charcuterie & Local Cheeses
    Fresh Jam, Pickled Vegetables, Fruit Crackers $16 per person build

    Your Basket
    $18 per person

    • Marinated Beets, Onion and Feta
    • Homemade Ranch Potato Salad
    • Wheat Berry & Arugula Tabbouleh

    • Ashley Farm Smoked Chicken Breast and Kale Caesar, shaved artisan cheese, croutons
    • Pimento Cheese & Smoked Pork Belly, on Dukes MultigrainBread
    • Herb Marinated Shrimp & Lemony Asparagus
    • 2 Piece Cold Fried Chicken, spring vegetable slaw
    • Pita Wraps
    • Asparagus & Portobello, lettuce, Ashe county garlic herb cheese
    • Wagyu Beef Barbecoa, lettuce, pickled okra, local beans

    • Apple Crumb Bars
    • Strawberry Corn Meal Short Cake
    • Chocolate Cookies
  • Kids Menu


    These Items are cold like a Lunchable

    Chicken Fingers

    Mini Pizza Cheese or Pepperoni

    Chocolate Cookie